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Circulation Policy

Circulation Policy



The Crosby County Library makes a variety of materials, in a variety of formats, available to all persons on an equal basis.

The library promotes the use of new technologies throughout the library when doing so supports the library's mission, provides greater opportunities for the public to access information and entertainment materials, and is cost effective.

In order to provide for the efficient and equitable circulation of materials, the library sets the following policies regarding borrowing eligibility; length of loan for various materials; limits on the number of items that can be borrowed; renewals; reserves; interlibrary loan; overdue materials charges; and damage and replacement assessments.

The library utilizes an integrated automated circulation system to maintain, monitor, and report circulation statistics; overdue notices; billings and balances; user registration records; and inventory control. 


Any Texas resident is eligible to have a borrower's card with proof of name and current address. There is no charge to have a borrower's card. A borrower's card is scanned each time a user wishes to borrow library materials. Borrower cards are retained at the library. Items accepted for identification include, but are not limited to, a Texas driver's license or identification card, passport, bank book, or cancelled mail received at the applicant's address.

The signature of a parent/guardian/custodial caregiver is required on the application/permission letter for any child who applies for a borrower's card and who has not attained the age of seventeen (17). High school students not possessing one of the above forms of proper identification may be required to have a custodial parent or guardian present at the time of application to verify his name and current address. By signing the application/permission letter, the parent/guardian/custodial caregiver agrees to assume financial responsibility for all materials charged on the minor's card. See attached Application.   

All borrower information is kept confidential as stated in the library’s privacy policy.

Persons living outside Texas, but who work in Texas, may obtain a borrower's card by using their employment address as well as their permanent residence address.

Persons living temporarily in Texas may obtain a borrower's card by using their Texas address and their permanent residence address.

Persons living and working outside Texas are not eligible for a borrower's card.

Borrower’s cards are valid one year from the date of the original application. Before a borrower's barcode number is revalidated, all registration information contained in the user record must be verified, and updated if necessary. All overdue material must be returned and all fees must be paid in full before a borrower's barcode number is revalidated.

A borrower assumes full responsibility for all use made of the card. By signing the application form, the borrower agrees to comply with all library rules and regulations; to pay all fines; to be responsible for any loss or damage to materials; to provide immediate notice of any change of address; and to provide immediate notice if the card is stolen.

A borrower is not permitted to check-out library materials with another person's borrower's card.


Checkout Period

The loan period for all library materials is 14 days.  Most reference, local history, and special collection materials do not circulate.

Materials are loaned free of charge.

Currently, late fees are not charged.

Borrowers will be charged for all lost, damaged or non-returned library books and materials.  Check outs for additional library materials will not be allowed until all charges have been paid.  Payments for lost, damaged or non-returned books made to the library will be held for ten (10) days.  No refunds will be made after ten (10) days.

Extended length of loan for many library materials not in current demand is available for borrowers with extenuating circumstances such as travel or illness.

Item Borrowing Limits

Borrowers are permitted to have a maximum of two items charged on their card at any one time.


All library materials may be renewed two (2) times, unless on reserve for another borrower. Materials presented for renewal that have reserves on them must be returned immediately.

Renewal requests can be made by telephone, in person, or through the mail or other delivery system.


All library materials may be placed on reserve. The borrower is notified as soon as the reserved material is available for borrowing. Once notified, the borrower has seven (7) days to pick up the reserved item.

Interlibrary Loan

No library can meet all the needs of all users. Material not part of the library’s collection can be obtained through interlibrary loan. Books are received from other libraries. Cost to the user for interlibrary loan service is a $1.00 delivery fee associated with return postage for the requested material.

Most reference and audio–visual materials cannot be obtained through interlibrary loan.


Library materials can be returned to any circulation desk on or before their due date.  For your convenience, materials can be returned at any Crosby County Library.  If the libraries are closed, you can drop them in the Book Drop.  Please place library materials in a book bag or other plastic bag before placing them in the Book Drop.

Overdue Procedure

Library materials that at over 2 weeks overdue will generate a late notice and/or telephone call or email to the borrower.  While late fee fines are not charged, excessively late materials are marked as lost and the cost of the material is charged to the borrower.  Borrowers with lost items are prohibited from checking out library books and materials and from computer use.

Adopted October 20, 2005

Revised April 19, 2007

Crosby County Library Board